Most important of Verdera’s forestry products is the stump treatment agent Rotstop, developed for the biological control of Heterobasidion annosum and H. parviporum causing root and butt rot in conifers. Rotstop has been on the market over 20 years. Rotstop is the only biological product available for preventive control of this devastating rot, which has a huge economical impact. Verdera’s product portfolio for forestry includes also Blue Stump Marker colour tablets, used to monitor the coverage of stumps during treatment.

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Clean and environmentally friendly production methods give a competitive edge to professional growers. To meet these requirements Verdera has developed biological plant protection and plant promotion products. They provide means for safe and efficient control of plant diseases from the seedling stage to final harvest. With the help of Verdera’s biological products vital plant growth can be guaranteed both in greenhouse and open field crops.

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Verdera’s biological products can also be used for the treatment of golf course turf and amenity. For more information contact infoverdera (a)

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