LALSTIM® OSMO biostimulant

Composition: Contains glycine betaine from plant origin. Glycine betaine is an osmolyte naturally enhancing abiotic stress tolerance in plants.

Key benefits: Protects plants against negative effects of environmental stresses. Glycine betaine maintains the water balance in plant cells, improves the circulatory flow of water and nutrients and enhances photosynthesis during environmental stresses such as heat, cold, drought, and salinity.

Target crops: open field and greenhouse vegetables, fruit trees, berry plants, potato, ornamental plants, seedling production and turf.

• Reduces planting stress
• Enhances growth during dry periods
• Enhances cold tolerance of plants
• Prevents physiological disorders, such as tomato blossom-end rot and tip burn
   on leafy vegetables
• Prevents fruit cracking
• Prevents frost damage of fruit and berry flowers
• Improves postharvest shelf life of fruits and berries
• On potato, increases yields and starch content of tubers
• Promotes growth of early vegetables 

Suitable for organic agriculture
Package 2 kg

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